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USA is undoubtedly the most popular country chosen by international students for abroad higher studies. Indians are no exception and Indian students have considered USA to be there first choice for abroad studies for a long time now.

The country offers a lot of options to its international students from the conventional degree courses to the unconventional vocational training courses. The courses offered by the USA not only makes way in the field of academia for its international students but also in the international job market.

No matter how popular the destination is, immigrants still face a lot of hurdles when it comes to settling down in a foreign country. For Indian students the hurdles are a lot easier to cross since we are there to help them out with everything related to the immigration process as we at Mission Immigration work with the motto of fulfilling dreams of students who want to go abroad.

The USA has a lot to offer to its international students but the students going over there should first be prepared for it. As it is commonly known, USA is a vast country with a lot of diversities. Think New York and Florida, students going to these two different places will have to face two different circumstances and should be prepared accordingly.

We at Mission Immigration help our clients with all the necessary information that are needed to get settled with a new life in USA. Before leaving for the USA a few preparations need to be made, like a student needs to have an international Insurance plan as well as the provision to contact with one's home frequently. Also living, studying and cultural aspects of the country are very different from that in India and a student should be prepared enough to face the differences.

Once a student decides if he or she wants to go to USA for further studies he or she next needs to take into account the varied courses offered by the different institutions.

USA has over 3000 schools offering different courses and Mission Immigration helps its clients to choose the best according to their needs after providing them with a thorough information. Applying for the different institutions in USA requires a lot of tests to be cleared first. They require the SAT scores or the GRE score, the TOEFL score and the likes. We at Mission Immigration guide our clients through this as well and ensure that their experience is a good one.

Mission Immigration has its network well spread in various countries which enable us to help our clients easily with accommodations as well. The accommodations available for the international students in USA vary from hostel dormitories to homestays and a student can choose whatever is suitable for him or her.

Going to the USA needs a lot of minute details to be taken care of and a few hurdles which need to be crossed. Our assistance, counsel and services ensure that our clients can cross these hurdles easily.