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IELTS an abbreviation of International English Language Testing System’ is an internationally recognized test of the English language to ensure the proficiency of a candidate. Three organizations incorporate together to scrutinize this test, University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the British Council and IDP Education Pvt Ltd and came into existence in the year 1989.

IELTS has its two popular versions IELTS Academic and IELTS General are for people intended to enroll in universities/colleges for higher education and Medical field experts like Doctors, Nurses who are willing to study further or practice their profession in English-speaking countries or for people intended to enroll in non-academic training, to get employment respectively.

Benifits of IELTS :

We believe in “Running a race with the world as it speaks IELTS”, learning IELTS comes with great benefits:

Gain a better understanding of the English Language​

Project Confidence

Great start during a conversation

Enhance own set of skills

Vast Career opportunities

Fulfill your future goals

Stand above during Job selection Process

Needed for all stages of your life

Why At Legends?

  • We help you to overcome your learning fear by making our study interactions more practical.
  • Student-centric approach towards the attainment
  • Maintaining the performance track record of your learnings.
  • Excellent communication skills activities like Group Discussion, Debate, JAM – Just A Minute, and more
  • We understand your qualities and help you to embrace them as your strength.
  • We put our mind, body, and soul to help you to achieve your dreams.