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Life skills also popular as Fundamental abilities will be capacities for versatile and positive conduct that empower people to manage the needs and difficulties of life. This idea is likewise named as psychosocial competency. The subject fluctuates incredibly relying upon normal practices and community/social desires that work for prosperity and help people to form into dynamic and gainful individuals from their social networks also considered as fundamental abilities.

In normal terms, we describe life skills as the tools developed for humans to be productive at every stage of life. For example, decision-making often involves critical thinking (“what are my choices?”) and value clarification (“what is essential to me?”), (“How do I undergo this?”). In the end, the connection between the ability is what creates powerful behavioral outcomes, especially where these fundamentals are supported by other strategies.

Any skills that are used to shape your life are considered as life skills.

Benifits of Life Skills:

The renowned WHO- World Health Organization identifies the following essential core values of life skill:

Decision-making and Problem-solving

The most vulnerable skill where you need to go in detail to understand and identify the problem, creating ways to find appropriate possibilities and finding the best solution to solve it.

Creative thinking

Lateral thinking and critical thinking: this skill sets a person out of the crowd. The ability to think in a different way, considering every detail, finding solutions alone or with the team.

Communication and Interpersonal skills

this defines the skill needed to establish a connection with the receiver (another person). Improper skill may lead to receiving the wrong intention out of your message which may create hurdles.

Self-awareness and Empathy

These two are the key elements of emotional understanding. Our everyday journey is full of diverse emotions where we come up with different feelings about different circumstances in life.


This skill requires confidence to stand for yourself and for other people and remain calm even if you are considering a worse situation.

Coping with Emotions and Stress

The ability to come back from setbacks and treat them as opportunities to learn, or gain experience.